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JM Sales & Marketing Manufacturers Rep of Fine Quality Products

What We Do We bring your Manufactured Products to the Retail Shops

JM Sales & Marketing represents some of the highest quality suppliers of building products in the industry.
Manufacturers’ representatives are independent professional providers of field sales and marketing relationship with the customer through an entire project. We typically handle a portfolio of related product lines that complement each other to provide complete solutions. Working under a contractual arrangement within a defined geographic territory, on an exclusive basis within their assigned field of responsibility.
The value that independent manufacturers’ representatives bring – both to those they sell to and those they sell for – emerges in great measure from the synergy created through the representation of multiple lines. Our product portfolios allow manufacturers’ representatives to present broad-based solutions to customer problems, rather than the price-and-delivery responses typical to single-product selling. Their consultative approach not only opens the door for other lines, but also adds value and stimulates a partnering.
The JM Sales and Marketing team of representatives strives to be a true partner to our customers, leveraging innovation, technology and service to deliver top-quality solutions, on time and at the best price.

Residential & Commercial Windows Quality Custom & Prebuilt

Residential & Commercial Doors Quality Custom & Prebuilt

Residential & Commercial Hardware Quality Custom & Prebuilt

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Jim Mccoy

Jim McCoy

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Jim Hering

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