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Jim Mccoy

CEO/Owner Jim McCoy

JM Sales and Marketing
Phone: 239-738-3411
Email – mccoy.james.g@gmail.com


Commitment to deliver quality manufacturers that offer our customers product solutions over big companies that may not make the best product, provide the best support and over distribute their product line.


Owner of JM Sales & Marketing for the past 23 years utilizing my industry knowledge and pioneering skills in sales. Prior worked for lead window and door companies Andersen and Peachtree in sales and Regional Sales Management. Worked for leading industry wholesale millwork distributors Huttig, Morgan and ADAM in Sales Management and General Management. Proven expertise in establishing relationships, hiring and building team spirit. Thrives on development and implementation of strategies, plans and programs that increase Company sales and profits. Have always been highly motivated and can deal with complexities in changing business environments.

  • Help develop definitive plans to build market share.
  • Provide training for entire team and work in the field with your builders and architects to insure complete product familiarity.
  • Provide communication between manufacturer, dealer, design team and builder/homeowner.
  • Integrated strategy once a company takes on our product our real work is just beginning.
  • Results are what we deliver to our customer and manufacturer. Building your business is our business.