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Signature Doors Residential & Commercial


Beauty. Quality. Security. Custom. One of a kind. Made in the U.S.A. Any of those words describe Signature Door Inc. Manufacturing doors, decorative glass and their own Miami-Dade Large Missle hurricane rated units out of their Altoona, Pa., facility, Signature Door Inc., is proud to produce custom door units to the architects, builders or homeowners liking. The options are virtually endless with the capabilities that are available including but not limited to: storm doors, dutch doors, bi-fold doors, operating sidelights, split specie doors, custom thickness’s, historic replications, and the ability to have any of those options factory finished, with very quick lead times! Signature Door Inc., is also an AIA/CES approved course provider.

Let’s make a great entry for your house together…

Signature Doors Beauty, Security & Quality for your home Combination Storm/Screen Doors